Can catering be considered a work at home job?

Work from home jobs can be a blessing for those people who do not want to associate themselves with the strict office hours and submission to superiors. Stay at home jobs are especially a good opportunity for women who are unable to go out to the office or are constricted to their home either by familial pressure, pregnancy leave or any other reason. This can be a good way of earning money and experience.

Put Your Skills to the Test

For any job, you must know what type of skills you possess and move forward to further refine those skills. You can make good use of the simplest skills you possess and benefit from them. You just need a good plan and motivation. Business ventures can be undertaken easily if you have the right set of mind and skills. These jobs allow you to use these skills from the comfort of your own house.

A good option is to cater for events and cook for people. This can be performed by both men and women, given that their organizational skills and cooking skills are great. It is popular especially in South Asia that people open up kitchens and catering businesses and benefit from the gains.

To execute a good event, good food and organizational skills are required. It is not possible for the host to do everything perfectly as these tasks take time and effort. This is where you can step in and create your brand by providing food to friends and family and building your customer base. If your food and services are well received, you can benefit from cost-free marketing due to word of mouth. No one can say no to good food.

Benefits of a Small Home-Based Business

  • It has a freelance nature to it as you can accept or decline orders you like since you are self-employed.

  • You are your own boss.

  • You have a better connection and face-to-face interaction with the consumers.

  • You can charge your own prices and set your own menu (considering the fact that it is accepted by the consumers).

  • You do not have to keep up with the office environment.

  • You can choose who you work with if you opt to recruit help.

Potential Drawbacks

  • There is no one to keep a check on you, so there may be issues in maintaining the quality.

  • The work might get tedious as you will have to stay within the confines of your abode mostly.

  • It may get hard to satisfy all of the orders on time.

  • It may invade your residence’s privacy.


You should know that home-based jobs are a golden opportunity for you. Do not let your skills go to waste. The chances are that people may not rapidly come to you and you may not have a long list of customers within the first few weeks. However, as time passes by, your business venture is sure to grow since food is something which is required by every household and you can use that to your benefit. You never know; home-based business ventures may turn into something big.

Why You Should Consider Working from Home

Is there really any room for a rigid morning to evening job anymore? Sitting in one place has not only restricted mobility but has also been known to hamper creativity in a worker. An office environment, though vital for certain industries, can be a bit formal and restrictive for certain employees.

Businesses that rely on their worker’s creativity to make profits have slowly started chipping away the elements of a traditionalist office environment to make it more relaxed and home like.

Google – a pioneer in such new age office environment – has introduced things such as beanbags and sleeping bags and even a giant slide that makes the whole environment fun. There can be two main reasons to look for work from home jobs:

  1. Unleashing and encouraging creativity: Designers, programmers and idea cell executives sometimes feel the need to move away from the office environment to reach their full potential.
  2. Need for Mobility: Sometimes, single parents or people with dependants cannot work fixed hours. They need a flexible work schedule and prefer to work from home.

Benefits of Working from Home

  1. Comfortable environment: Like previously discussed, creative thinkers tend to feel stressed and constricted in a traditional environment. Operating from a different location or the having the comfort of a work from home job can reap great benefits for the employer.
  2. Single parents: Single parents, who cannot work a fixed schedule, need flexible working hours. There are numerous reasons that single parents like many of us cannot leave our children unattended for long stretches. These super multi-taskers need to be able to work remotely.
  3. Diverse option/time zone: Working remotely opens up a wide range of job opportunities that might not be possible otherwise. International clients looking for workers in different parts of the world also provide leverage in terms of time zone difference, making the worker’s routine more flexible.

Drawbacks of Working from Home

When people choose to work from home, there are certain disadvantages that can be rather discouraging.

  1. Relatively lower pay: There is a chance of the base pay or starting salary being lower. Employers sometimes tend to try and exploit people looking to work from a home environment.
  2. Hectic schedule: Due to lack of proper communication and discipline, the whole process might become hectic and rather stressful for the worker.
  3. No group work/interaction: One of the biggest benefits of working in an office is the kind of work relationships and teamwork that takes place. Working from the comfort of one’s home, reduces this interaction and consequently, peer to peer learning opportunities.


People looking to work from home have a wide range of websites that seek to connect employers from all over the world with freelancers working remotely. Freelancers have a wide range of jobs to choose from, ranging from virtual assistants that handle calendars to mass data entry jobs.

The options are virtually endless; it is just a matter of finding work from home jobs and knowing what your work is worth.